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Skunk Removal Nashville & Middle Tennessee​

Animal Pros specializes in skunk removal and skunk spray elimination in greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee. If you have skunks under your home, or in your crawlspace, give Animal Pros wildlife specialists a call today (615) 613-5992, for humane and safe skunk removal services, with spray-proof skunk traps. We provide wildlife and skunk removal services to Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, and Middle Tennessee.

Skunks In The Crawlspace Under a Home Nashville

Skunks in the crawlspace, is one of the most common complaints we recieve in Nashville.​ Skunk mating season will begin the end of December and can last through early March, and during this time skunk problems will spike across Middle Tennessee. Skunks will search for openings under a home or in a crawlspace to create a suitable location to have a litter of young. A crawlspace provides a perfect warm, dry, and dark area, and will protect a skunk from predators and the outside elements. Under a home in a crawlspace, is a open area skunks will inhabit, as it is often a undisturbed area. Most homeowners only go in their crawlspace a couple times a year. Crawlspaces under a home will usually house the hvac duct lines, floor insulation, plumbing pipes, and moisture barrier linings, all which provide excellent nesting material for skunks to tear up and to create a very comfortable home. If you have skunk odor in the home, chances are you have a skunk in the crawlspace under your home.

Skunk Trapping Services In Greater Nashville

Animal Pros skunk trapping services is available 24 hours a day in greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Our skunk removal services utilizes spray-proof professional skunk traps, which means when a skunk is caught, there will be no spray. Our professional covered skunk traps are safe for use in a crawlspace under a home and for outside use. Most skunk trapping will be positive-sets ensuring to put a skunk trap on the opening, where there is one way out, and that is right into a trap. This ensures quick capture results, and avoids just setting traps out.

When Are Baby Skunks Born In Nashville and Middle TN

Baby skunks will begin to emerge from a crawlspace under a home​ in Nashville and Middle Tennessee as early as late March and April. Skunks will often have a average of 3-4 young, although we have seen as many as 8 around greater Nashville. Young juvenile skunks can appear quite cute, but will be fully capable of delievering a spray. They can often be active during the day, in close proximity to their nesting location around the home.

Skunk Spray In The Home in Nashville

If you are a homeowner in greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee you have likely experienced skunk odor in or around your home. Skunk spray can be smelled for miles away, but when the odor is stong enough to wake you up in the middle of the night, that usually indicates you have a skunk in your crawlspace under your home. Skunk spray in a home can be mis-diagnosed as a gas leak or even burning rubber. Some homeowners can even have allergic reactions to skunk spray. Contact Animal Pros in Nashville for skunk spray elimination services today (615) 613-5992.

About Our Skunk Removal In Nashville and Middle TN

Animal Pros specialists provide a free, thorough inspection of your foundation to determine if a skunk has gained entry your crawlspace under your home. We inspect skunk entries around hvac units, foundation vents, crawlspace drains, slabs, decks, porches, and sheds in your yard. We also will inspect your crawlspace for the presence of a skunk or any skunk damage that may be there, to determine if a skunk needs to be trapped and removed, or if the skunk has moved away. Just because you smell skunk odor, that doesn't mean the skunk is still there. When a skunk sprays, it can be defense to the encounter with another animal, a skunk has died, hit by a car, excited during mating, or may have been startled, and they may not still be around. Contact Animal Pros today for a free skunk inspection of your home and property.

Skunk Dropping Removal In Nashville

Skunks in a crawlspace under a home in greater Nashville can leave a crawlspace in a very unsanitary condition, if the skunks have been there any amount of time. Droppings can accumulate daily, as the skunk will use the bathroom under your home. Odors from droppings can be severe enough to be detected in the interior of your home. Skunk droppings will hold some of the odorous skunk spray odor. This will usually be on top of the moisture barrier and under the moisture barrier, prompting replacement of the crawlspace lining or barrier once the droppings are removed. Contract Animal Pros for a free inspection for removing skunk droppings from your crawlspace today.

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